About Jane New

Jane is a woman on a mission. She believes female sexuality has been suppressed long enough. Even now, in our Western culture of sex on every billboard, women who enjoy sex and control their own sex lives are seen as unusual at best or sluts at worst. The madonna/whore dichotomy is alive and well.

Well, the news is good – it is possible for a woman to be both. Enjoying every aspect of sex doesn’t make a woman a bad person. And Jane writes stories featuring these women.

Jane was born and raised in Tasmania, the island state to the south of mainland Australia. She’s tried leaving, several times, but always seems to end up back there.

And yes, she does enjoy a glass of wine.

Contact Jane New on JaneNewRomanticFantasy@gmail.com

Her FaceBook page is https://www.facebook.com/JaneNewRomanticFantasy/

Her Twitter handle is @JaneNewAuthor



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